4 Channel Video/Media Installation // Dimensions Variable (approximately 5 hours) // 2014

0x0000007B_SWITCH_BUFFERING_STANDBY_MODE examines the legacy of the Holocaust through the critical lens of a physical/material absence and it juxtaposition with the ongoing presence of the virtual. While two of the monitors in the installation present fictional webcams of recently vacated interiors devoid of their former human occupants, their counterparts reveal virtual interiors and their respective avatars on standby—impatiently anticipating interaction from their makers that will never arrive. At moments in the installation these virtual environments threaten to break down and glitch-out, only to reenter their endless purgatory.

In building this work and in thinking about this legacy I was interested in the conversations established by the acuteness of the act of removing people from existence in relationship to the ephemera of those people that remains. Beryl Korot’s seminal piece Dachau (1974,four channel video installation)—juxtaposing the austerity of the architectural remnants of the camp against the presence of contemporary tourists—is the starting point for this investigation. In the work I look towards our virtual ephemera and the public-nature of our private experience as 21st century parallels to engage questions about the aftermath of this removal in a networked and data-driven culture.