Oh When the Saints

Oh When the Saints is a five-channel video installation exploring the collision of virtual militarism, religion, and the crisis of high-modernity. Animated soldiers perform as part of a network of actions that range from standard military to the pseudo-religious. Technology, as a key element, becomes an agent for spiritual transformation via actions that border on violent and cultish. Modernity and technology are worshipped, but also become responsible for this seemingly post-apocalyptic landscape.   While exhibiting characteristics superior to our physical bodies (they have the ability to defy the laws of physics, pass through solid surfaces, and wear constantly changing textures), these “drones” at the same time lack autonomy, and are subject to the aggressive mechanism of my system’s technological desires. In an act of programmed faith, individuals penetrate their virtual skins, becoming aware of the paradox of their tangible nonexistence—they dissolve.